After finally locating Emi Sato, Johnny Ban loses her just as quickly as he found her. Their too-brief reunion sends him careening after her once more—this time setting him up for a chain of surprises that will forever change how he sees himself and those he trusts most—as his doomed rescue mission spirals to its horrific conclusion.

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Following his descent into L.A.’s Little Tokyo in The Big Drop: Homecoming, Johnny Ban has only one thing on his mind: to never let his long-lost love slip away again. But Emi Sato has different plans, and while Johnny uncovers more of the constantly evolving conspiracy in order to save her, he finds himself always a step behind. Right up to its climax, Impermanence tests every fiber of Johnny’s endurance before bringing him full-circle to face the inevitable. The Big Drop’s conclusion leaves no doubt about Gattis’s ability to weave a deeply human crime tale that throws everything at a down-and-almost-out character while pulling off the most remarkable feat of all: leaving him with both grace and a hard-won hope. Its power lingers long after the final page.

—Carmen Harbour, Editor

A Note About The Series

The Big Drop tracks Johnny Ban, ex-­military translator and barely-­was pro boxer, on a yakuza-­prompted mission to find the missing love of his life. This 2-­part noir serial begins with Homecoming and ends with Impermanence. It’s the simplest combination in boxing: the 1-­2. When the quick first punch lands, it obscures the opponent’s vision long enough for the power shot to find a home and do maximum damage—because the best punch is, and always will be, the one you never see coming.

—Publisher’s Note

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