After killing a yakuza in self-defense, an ex-military translator owes a debt that is payable only one way: take the dead man’s place searching for a missing woman in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles. Fusing gritty yakuza action with elements of classic noir in the city that started it all, the novella smashes Johnny Ban into a rarely explored corner of Los Angeles, sending him in search of two distinct parts of his past: his long-buried Americanness, and his first love—a Japanese woman up to her neck in trouble.

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“Violent, intense, thick with mystery and a truly fatal femme, The Big Drop: Homecoming is a modern take on a classic genre, one that rips the glamour out of the noir thriller and takes it down to its most basic elements. Haunted by could-haves and what-ifs, Johnny Ban searches for redemption while hunting down an old flame in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles. From the first description of Johnny’s seizure to the surprising conclusion, you are fully immersed in Gattis’s gritty universe of deception, love, and steel knuckles. This book meticulously draws you in, and like the best mysteries, the second read is even better than the first.”

—Carmen Harbour, Editor

A Note about The Series

The Big Drop tracks Johnny Ban, ex-­military translator and barely-­was pro boxer, on a yakuza-­prompted mission to find the missing love of his life. This 2-­part noir serial begins with Homecoming and ends with Impermanence. It’s the simplest combination in boxing: the 1-­2. When the quick first punch lands, it obscures the opponent’s vision long enough for the power shot to find a home and do maximum damage—because the best punch is, and always will be, the one you never see coming.

—Publisher’s Note

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