About the Event

To celebrate the release of the U.S. paperback of All Involved for Ecco/HarperCollins, as well as to honor all the amazing art that has gone into the marketing & promotion of the book worldwide, a party was held at United Talent Agency in Beverly Hills to showcase original works by UGLARworks‘ artists, Chaz Bojorquez, Chuey Quintanar, & more. This was the first Los Angeles showing for many of the pieces displayed in the London 1-Night Only Show.


(1) Chaz Bojorquez’s lettering of “All Involved” (2014) used in both Picador (UK) proofs, as well as inside the British versions, & on the Special Edition from Goldsboro Books.


(2) “Ernie’s Last Ride” by Evan Skrederstu with Steve Martinez, 2015. Utilized as endpages in U.S. hardcover version, as well as covers for Spanish (Seix Baral) & Swedish (Bonniers) editions.

(3) “Seal” by Chuey Quintanar (2015), used to create a stamp for all versions of the book I sign. Famous Stars & Straps has also created t-shirts & sweatshirts of the design.

Tacos on the night were provided by Mexicali Taco Co.

Photographs © by Mr. Erwin Recinos.